bynd is the app to share rides to work

connect with colleagues easily, quickly and securely

Did you know that
hours in traffic per day represent
3 years 6 months e 28 days of your life spent inside a car?

Bynd is a carpooling platform for companies that wants to improve your traffic experience! Since you spend 10% of your day inside a car, why not turn this into a positive experience?

How it works

Your company becomes part of the Bynd network
Users register their routes and preferences
Find your carpooling partners
Yeah! Everything is set and everybody has a better commute!

Benefits of Bynd

Be happier in your commute

Meet people with interests in common and enjoy good experiences

Save money

On transportation, gas, parking, maintenance

Reduce carbon emissions

Sharing cars, you can reduce your carbon footprint


What about sharing a carpooling network?

The size of your company doesn’t represent a signifcant carpooling potential between employees. But don’t give up just yet! With bynd, your company can share its network with other companies in the neighborhood to increse the sharing potential. For more information, contact us.

How to access these benefits

Find the carpooling potential in your company
Request a free demo
Make our platform (web and mobile) available to the members of the company
Enjoy the benefits of BYND

Bring Bynd to your company or university

Message sent!